About Tiba Food

Tiba Food Company For food industries was established in 2000 in accordance with Egypt’s Investment and free zone system, Being located in the government of Beni-Sueif an industrial city about 120 km south of Cairo .

– The company owns a storage refrigerator at – 18 ° degrees centigrade with a storage capacity of about 1000 tons the company also has an IQF ( Flow Freezer ) Frozen vegetables production line for small grains , such as (Okra peas, Green Beans, Strawberry, Artichoke etc, ) as well as a Blast Freezer production line to freeze leafy vegetables , such as ( Molokhiya , spinach , Grape leaves , etc )

The Mission

1. Raise the productive effciency by increasing the production lines and raising its rates.
2. Human development through increasing the effciency of labor and training of staff to reach their highest level of professional. as well as the selection of the best elements of the administrative management of the productive process
3. Care in the selection of the highest quality of agricultural raw materials used in production.
4. Follow-up technical development in production processes so that we can compete in global markets.
5. Full commitment to the customer in terms of dates, prices and quality of the product.

The Vision

The company Vision at fulflling international market needs of frozen vegetables through marketing its products named FRESCO , VEGE FRESH , S&M. It aims to provide luxury products at reasonable prices by selecting the best , high quality frozen fruits and vegetables that are free from chemicals. It also aims to exports to all gulf countries, Europe, USA, and CANADA